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Rinjani Sharing Package


Warm greetings from Rinjani Sharing Package the Reliable Rinjani Trekking Company in Lombok! ready for a cheaper price for the best adventure? Be prepared to take control among the best peaks in Indonesia. The selected Rinjani Mountain trekking package is now available for reservation. Whether you are a novice to a trekker expert, couple or group, backpacker or family with children, flexible or very tight time and we are sure we got you covered with one of these Rinjani trekking tour packages. Want a special timetable? allow us to understand your preferences and we will be happy to provide you with a customized tour. Our goal is to make sure you get the simplest time potential by bringing back some wonderful memories of your Rinjani hike in Lombok. Reach Your Intent and contact us now!

Here at RINJANI SHARING PACKAGES we organize your Rinjani tour adventure very simply. All our Rinjani trekking packages include all meals and beverages on tour, required equipment, ground transportation, tour guides, travel insurance, entrance fees and stay nights in hotel.

Except for your own backpack, the porter brings everything you need for making it easier for you to actually complete the Rinjani trip.

Depending on the time you have, the level of fitness and how much budget you want to spend, here we have several choices of Rinjani trekking packages available to suit your needs.

You can always decide to choose Rinjani tour packages that include the summit and climbing crater lake like 3 days 2 nights and 4 days 3 nights or Rinjani trekking package which only includes a crater rim or top like a 2 days 1 night package but you will miss some experience because You will not go down to the crater, swim in the crater lake and relax in the soothing hot springs.

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Rinjani Trekking Tour Start Sembalun Village

Start from Sembalun and climb Rinjani to the edge of the crater to take your camp. On the second day you start climbing at 3 am to the top of Rinjani. Just like any other way, if you make it, you reach the peak toward sunrise and get rewarded with amazing scenery. Upon returning to camp, you descend to the caldera and bathe in the hot springs (this is really amazing after climbing the top of Rinjani on the same day). You climb on the opposite side of Mount Rinjani to the edge and take your camp. On the third day you come down to the village of Senaru.
2dsummit rinjani

2D-1N Summit Rinjani

Rinjani Trekking summit 2 days 1 night start from Sembalun to crater rim Sembalun and overnight then at 3 am start climb to the summit of Mount Rinjani
3d summit rinjani

3D-2N Summit - Lake

Rinjani trek 3 days to summit and lake, start via Sembalun village to crater rim Sembalun, summit, lake, crater rim Senaru and finish at Senaru village.
4d summit rinjani

4D-3N Summit - Lake

Rinjani trek 4 days to summit of Mount Rinjani, lake Segara Anak, crater rim Senaru and back to Senaru village with Rinjani Rock Solid Senaru village

Hiking Mount Rinjani Packages Start Senaru

Start climbing Mount Rinjani from Senaru to the edge of the crater and take your camp. On the second day you get down to the caldera, take a relaxing bath in the hot springs, even swim in the crater lake if you like. You climb the edge of the crater at the opposite location and take your camp. On the third day, you start climbing Rinjani peak at 2-3 am. If you succeed, you reach the peak toward sunrise and get rewarded with amazing scenery. After that you continue the trip to the camp and finally to the village Sembalun.
rim senaru

2D-1N Crater Rim Senaru

Rinjani trek package 2 days 1 night to crater rim Senaru, start from Senaru village to Senaru crater rim and the second day we’ll back down to Senaru village.

3D-2N Segara Anak Lake

Rinjani trek to Segara Anak lake 3 days 2 nights start from Senaru village to crater rim Senaru, Segara Anak lake and back to Senaru village in 3 days package

4D-3N Lake - Summit

Rinjani trekking 4 days to Senaru crater rim, lake and summit of Mount Rinjani start from Senaru village to Senaru crater rim and overnight, at second day
Need help finding the right Rinjani trekking package? We are happy to answer any questions you may have & will provide you with honest information that makes no sense. Please leave us a message.